Best Invoicing plugins for your WordPress-based SaaS

Roger Rosweide
2 min readAug 9, 2022


I loved this article, but I’m also looking for some opinions.

Who’s got one?

@wpmayor’s founder Jean Galea wrote this article about the 7 Best Invoicing Plugins for WordPress & WooCommerce in 2022, and I’m looking for use cases!

As a startup founder of a SaaS for WaaS, I love these types of plugins.

If you find yourself building a lot of websites for freelancers or small business owners, or maybe you’ve already transitioned to the much more scalable WaaS model, you’ve probably seen these:

  • WP CRM plugins
  • WP invoicing plugins
  • WP All in One Marketing plugins
  • WP support plugins
  • Etc.

It’s these companies that bring the WP ecosystem forward towards an actual SaaS model. It helps provide a full service to clients in an open-source one-stop platform, WordPress.

I could go on.

But, which of the 7 plugins have you used, and for which type of client?

We currently have users on our WordPress multi-tenant cloud platform @WPCSio building full-blown ERP systems, community platforms, and Learning Management SaaS platforms — anyone using these invoicing plugins?

I would highly recommend treating your product as a one-stop shop if your use case allows for it.

Using, you can now implement the same scalable hosting infrastructure that proprietary SaaS such as Wix and Shopify use to turn your WordPress portfolio into a SaaS platform.

And with the use of plugins such as these, you’re able to provide top-level service which manages it all in WordPress.

Looking forward to hearing about the plugins you use :)

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