We turned our agency into a passive income stream and raised $735K

Roger Rosweide
3 min readMar 15, 2022
I’m not lying and you can do it too.

And yes, I will tell you exactly what we did…

First, I needed a big revelation

I used to have a big problem…

You might recognize this:

When I started in 2018, my content making business was mainly focused on social media.

But the problem was that I was often hired after the company had existed for some time.

That meant they had invested in a logo, branding, and… a website.

My first problem: this had cost them significant money and needed the end product to suffice.

What I mean is, they didn’t want to spend any more.

However, all my efforts were geared towards getting leads to the website.

Whether my client needed signups or reservations, it all leads to the website.

But they didn’t want to spend any more lead pages, conversion optimization, SEO, etc.

They had heard that social media was a trend, so I was hired to do my magic.

Easy enough. You curate a beautiful timeline and after that, it’s out of my hands. Right?


My second problem: after a while, when the leads don’t convert, they started looking at me.

They made it MY problem.

I thought I was a content maker. I was not (not really).

No matter how I would spin it: they needed me to provide them leads.

I needed control over the funnel. But how?

Second, I need control

My first solution (don’t do this): start working with freelancers that I would bring on to optimize the lead page or entire website.

It was a hard sell.

They wanted to spend a few bucks on content, not spend thousands on optimizing something that should have been perfect to begin with (they’d say).

Funny thing: my best friends had the same problem.

So, we started an agency.

We sold it as a package: content + website optimization.

If you didn’t have a website, we’d make one.

And of course, at some point we found ourselves building and managing a portfolio of individual, unrelated websites all the time.

Very annoying.

It would have been much easier to have a pre-designed set of websites that a client could choose from.

Each one would be designed by us, battle-tested and optimized.

However, we would still be stuck with management.

Who wants to individually manage any number of websites, if your core business is content?

The second solution (finally nailed it): We created a SaaS-builder for websites.

A cloud platform that lets us manage a thousand WordPress websites as if it’s only one.

We could suddenly automate the entire process, from sale to launch.

We started selling websites that cost us no effort and no upfront investment to create.

We only paid operating costs on what we sold.

… How’s that?

I’ll tell you: it blew up!

Here’s how you do it:

What we didn’t know (but do now): we built the world’s first WordPress multi-tenant cloud platform.

It’s quite a mouthful, but it comes down to this:

We’re the first to solve all of WordPress’ scaling challenges simultaneously by introducing SaaS infrastructure to the largest open-source ecosystem in the world.

The next step was obvious: we turned our money-making machine into a SaaS platform for anyone to use.

At a rapid pace, we raised more than 700K from VCs and launched our platform worldwide.

Sell websites on autopilot

Our system enables you to manage and develop a thousand WordPress websites as if it’s only one.

The best thing: you don’t need any coding skills.

Just a little WordPress, which we’ll show you in our free course.

If you’re an agency or content maker, here’s my suggestion:

Offer websites for a very low monthly fee.

Build trust and give value upfront.

Then charge for content creation and additional services.

The biggest advantage: you create an IP, that you own.

This multiplies your business valuation 10X, while you do what you love.

Try it out, I’d be happy to give you a tour.

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